Let’s dispel a few myths about visual communications and content creation

15 July 2022

Jo Morris, Director of Locale Look, busts some myths around the Locale Look service
ensuring we cut through the noise and misinterpretations.


Real estate is evolving and so are occupiers’ need for more engagement and communication. We very quickly realised that occupiers were craving meaningful communication that was both relevant and bespoke to their building and community. Ultimately, occupiers want to feel heard and informed.

Interestingly, my many conversations on the ground have shone a light on the misinformation around Locale Look. I hear comments that it’s “just a screen” or the fact that it’s not appropriate because “we can’t have free-standing screens.”

Well, here’s our quick checklist of things you need to know and will hopefully dispel any of those misgivings:

  1. Locale Look is FLEXIBLE
    Tech agnostic, deploy as a standalone service or align with your existing portal/app. You can incorporate the content in which ever way you see fit!

  2. Locale Look is ADAPTABLE
    Whether you have displays of your own or need them installed, we work around you. Whilst the free-standing screens can be arranged for you, we are sure that some will already have TVs, mounted and fitted screens already. We are happy to collaborate and work with what you already have. If those options aren’t effective, you can choose to have a standalone screen.

  3. Locale Look is BESPOKE
    Tell your building’s story in your way. From our own experience, we know occupiers want to know about the community they are part of. We create impactful and bespoke designs and content displayed via digital displays. These could be seasonal information, essential building memos or information in the surrounding area. We don’t believe in generic, third-party advertising or news fillers.

  4. Locale Look is EXPERIENTIAL
    Create an immersive experience for your occupiers – occupiers and visitors can access information through touch screens and scanning QR codes. You can make it as interactive as you want it to be.

  5. Locale Look is COMMUNITY-DRIVEN 
    Attract and retain occupiers by building an informed and engaged community.

    What real estate owners and operators have typically failed to grasp is the significance an emotional connection has to our inhabited environments. For properties to thrive, forming an emotional bond and creating a sense of belonging is critical, and can be done through powerful and meaningful digital visual storytelling, facilitating engagement and positive relationships.


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