Mixed-Use Property Portals

Managing residential, commercial and public realms with shared facilities is complex. Our dynamic portals offer a solution for all parties concerned.

Typical Features



Group messaging, with filters including: user group, block and property type.

Visitor Bookings

System to manage visitors into the building including advance bookings and walk ins.


Resident Database

Front end access for approval and creation of new accounts.


Displays all scheduled activity in your building or estates.

Duty Handover

Permission-based access provides all of the portal users with a custom viewing setting, editorial access and control.



Deliveries, Facility bookings and helpdesk submissions.


Log a delivery, alert an occupier of a parcel or collect an electronic signature.

Key Holding

Create an audit trail for keys, with online logging and recorded electronic signatures.


Contact the Concierge

Two-way communication between residents and concierge.

How Does Locale Help?

Estate Team

Concierge, maintenance or estate manager, our portals cater for your day-to-day estate management processes and needs


As part of a complex scheme, you can access the every day building tools and documentation you need


Whether you are the owner or the tenant, tailored access is granted to booking systems, helpdesks, videos and documents

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