About Locale

Digitally transforming the real estate industry

Locale, founded in 2005, is a pioneer digitally transforming the real estate industry. 

At Locale, we have combined our in-depth understanding of a wide range of real estate asset classes with state-of-the-art technology redefining:

  • the way any real estate asset is managed
  • the way in which real estate engages with its occupiers in a bid
    to create a cohesive community
  • the way in which we communicate with stakeholders

Our longevity is sustained by our brand culture and core values, all centered on a people-driven approach. By prioritising the needs of our customers, and our relationships within the community, we have continually delivered a first-class experience with an ever-evolving group of products and services.

Our six core values

We consider our six core values that allow us, our customers, and the industry to fearlessly pursue and inspire creativity, ambition, and passion for digital solutions towards a future that keeps people at its heart… 


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Customer commitment 


Health and wellbeing


Diversity & Inclusivity


Our journey so far…

2005: Locale Ltd was born

Founded in 2005 by Guy Windsor-Lewis as a groundbreaking solution providing commercial buildings with a cloud-based, permission based, property management software solution bespoke to each property providing building documentation, tenant company information such as leases, invoices, forms for permits and local information. His vision was to digitally transform an industry that was, and in many cases still, is typically prone to outdated processes. The Locale portal has now evolved into multi-functional software that facilitates operations and occupier engagement. This includes smart features such as visitor management, deliveries, and helpdesk.


2006: DTZI portfolio 

In early 2006, DTZ committed 350 buildings to Locale. In that, overnight, Locale became the largest provider globally of tenant portals, providing bespoke documentation to each building and permission-based access to a growing stable of functionality including helpdesk, permit to work forms and a national network of offers and promotions.


2009: Strata Building

The iconic London residential landmark required a digital property management system to connect their staff and occupiers with efficient communications and process management. Locale provided a never-before-seen digital solution for any residential schemes in London with delivery notifications and bespoke online access to apartment manuals, fixtures and fittings, and much more.


2012: Olympic Village

As a technical consultant, we aided the build of a digital platform for a PRS conversion of the athlete’s village and worked with a number of stakeholders including the landlord, operator, and local authority to devise a solution.


2012: The Shard

Iconic London landmark The Shard partnered with Locale to support the mammoth challenge of managing and communicating with the thousands who pass through its site every day. From the management of the buildings’ spaces, visitors, deliveries, staff, and stakeholders, Locale is the virtual community for the vertical city.


2013: BRAM

Locale’s portal was rolled out through Barratt Residential Asset Management, evolving their application to a full digital service offering for occupiers, which helped to drive customer satisfaction and support a successful onboarding experience.


2016: PFM Winner

Locale won the PFM Partnership Award for our collaboration with the iconic London landmark The Shard. The Shard’s portal, My Vertical City, was praised by occupiers, management, and award judges as innovative and indispensable. The portal is used for seamless running of the building, from onboarding, visitors, logistics, community, and local enlivenment.

2018: Locale Life was established

Locale Life looks to increase satisfaction in the user experience. The idea is to strengthen the sense of community within buildings and ultimately build vibrant places to live and work, connecting with and engaging occupiers with events, partnerships with local businesses, and experiences.


2019 – Locale crowned winner at Property Week Management All Stars

We won Innovator/Systems Provider of the Year for our fully customisable platform that facilitates secure, accessible information with instant communication and visibility, including facilities booking, building maintenance, deliveries and signing in visitors.


2020: Locale Look was established

Visual communication is playing a key role in fostering an engaged community. Locale Look was established to provide meaningful and bespoke communications that promote the unique facilities, initiatives, areas of properties to their occupiers via digital displays.



Locale now covers over 80 million sq ft of commercial real estate including 27k residential units, and boasts an average of 170,000+ active users of the portal and app. Around 1,200 buildings now benefit from our flexible and on-demand digital offering. We continue to work in close partnership with clients to drive digital transformation within real estate…


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Are you ready to digitise your property?