Creating communities

Provide exclusive local offers, gain insights with occupier surveys, and enjoy curated events for enhanced community interaction.

Offers & Promotions

A full catalogue of local and national offers from independent retailers and service suppliers right on your doorstep. All delivered through the Locale Platform and App.

  1. Engage the local economy

    Assist independent retailers and service providers and deliver a more personal relationship between your customers and the local community.

  2. Insights

    Provide results to local retailers on your customers experience with the ability for customers to leave feedback on their experience.

  3. Data driven

    Detailed reports on the types of services and offers that are most popular with your customers.

  4. All in one place and on the go

    Customers can redeem directly through the app and provides locations of all offers close by.

Occupier surveys and polls

Improve your customer service by better understanding who they are and what their community aspirations are.

  1. Create and collaborate

    Bespoke and detailed surveys designed with you and your building in mind with the assistance of Locale's professional engagement team.

  2. Plan

    Locale’s Engagement team will provide a detailed report with valuable insight into your occupier requirements, helping you achieve higher engagement and future retention.

  3. Deliver

    Work with Locale’s Success and Engagement team to deliver a full events programme to interact more with your occupiers.

  4. Review

    Measure your results to understand if you have hit the brief and understand areas of improvement for repeating the process next time.

Curated seasonal, engagement and community events

Creating engaging places to live and work through social events delivered by Locale's in house events team. Choose from a series of events throughout the year, leaving you more time to spend interacting with your customers.

  1. Flexible offering

    Choose from as little as 1 event per year through to an action-packed monthly engagement event calendar.

  2. Tailored to suit your building

    Choose from a wide range of seasonal events or speak to us directly if you wish to have something specific for your customers.

  3. Bring your community together

    Events are a great way to bring people together, demonstrate your passion for community and engagement.

  4. A complete solution

    Locale's professional events team will take of everything right down to the very last detail, giving you the time back to spend with your customers.

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