Operational real estate

Transform your real estate operations with our seamless solution, optimising parcel handling, engagement, data insights, security, and integrations for unparalleled management excellence.

Parcels and deliveries

Effortless and efficient post room management. Track and manage parcels with ease, including occupier notifications, digital signatures, and reporting insights.

  1. Real time notifications

    Notify occupiers to collect their delivery.

  2. Efficient management

    Save hours per day reducing your management overhead.

  3. Peace of mind

    Full audit trail including digital signatures and late key notifications.

  4. Insights

    Real time insights into parcel volumes.

Community groups

Foster community interaction and engagement through social groups.

  1. Create a community

    Create a community hub with discussions and shared interests.

  2. Topics and discussions

    Create groups for new occupier introductions, running clubs, local area recommendations, and more.

  3. Moderation tools

    Appoint a moderator to manage interactions.

Data and analytics

Gain real-time analytics and insights across your entire portfolio. Understand building performance and occupier behaviour through customisable data visualisations and dashboards.

  1. Real-time data

    Access real-time portfolio-wide and site-specific operational and occupier behaviour data.

  2. Cross-site comparisons

    Compare how sites are performing with cross-site benchmark comparisons.

  3. Customise your metrics

    Customisable KPI dashboard with metrics for growth, engagement, and efficiency.

  4. Data-driven reporting

    Enable data-driven management and reporting for key stakeholders.

Key management

Deliver a new standard of service with Locale’s cloud-based key management platform, designed in collaboration with the leading property management teams.

  1. Key arrangements

    Setup arrangements to allow key access.

  2. Activity tracking

    Track key activity, including key audit logging, with ease.

  3. Late key alerts

    Prevent issues with late key alerts.

  4. Highly rated

    Our clients report time savings of over three hours per day.

Building and events calendar

Promote your events and activities online, with a personalised building calendar.

  1. Day, week, month, agenda views

    See what's going on this week with customisable views.

  2. Event permissions

    Specify who can see your events.

  3. iCal export

    Import your calendar feed into Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, and more.

Access control

Enable seamless building access through mobile credentials. Turn your app into an access pass.

  1. Digital access pass

    Turn your smartphone into an access pass.

  2. Tailored access

    You're in complete control. Specify which doors are granted for whom.

  3. Drive adoption

    Drive adoption through automated digital credentials.


Effective communication is paramount for any successful building. Announcements enables communication at scale across web and mobile, with targeted filtering and personalised news feed.

  1. Post Announcements

    Post announcements to your building, portfolio, or a specific company or user role.

  2. Real time alerts

    Real time email and push notification alerts.

  3. Share documents

    Attach useful documents for download.

  4. Personalised news feed

    Occupiers only see news and events relevant to them.

Amenity bookings

Full booking and management platform for your onsite amenities. Shape it around your specific needs to automate your workflow.

  1. Promote amenities

    Maximise amenity utilisation by enabling digital bookings.

  2. Full control

    You specify who has access to the amenity and when they can book.

  3. Amenity management

    View and manage all bookings.

  4. Shape it around you

    Whether you have loading bays or private screening rooms that need managing, the Bookings module can handle it.

Visitor management

Delivering a memorable visitor experience is paramount to the overall customer satisfaction and perception of your building. Locale has launched the most powerful and efficient management experience yet.

  1. Touchless and smart access

    Touchless building access with smartphone-enabled entry for visitors.

  2. Branded pre-arrival information

    Branded visitor booking communications with pre-arrival information and maps.

  3. Geolocated visitor passes

    Geolocated visitor passes with Apple Wallet and Google Pay integration.

  4. Real-time insights

    Live management reporting with easy-to-use dashboards.

Two-factor authentication

Enhance your digital security with two-factor authentication; securing against attackers.

  1. Mandated security

    Enforce two-factor authentication for your staff.

  2. Verify identity

    Verify identity through PIN code sent via email or SMS.

White-label branding

Your digital platform is a reflection of your building and brand. Benefit from a fully white-labelled solution, including app store listings.

  1. White-labelled

    Customise the user interface of the web and mobile apps to reflect your brand.

  2. App store listings

    Optional branded app, with bespoke icon and app store listing.

  3. Notifications

    Email branding to ensure a seamless customer journey.

Helpdesk: defects and maintenance

Fault reporting and management platform, ensuring responsive resolution and customer satisfaction.

  1. Fault reporting

    Capture all information required, including custom departments and input fields.

  2. Resolution management

    Assign and complete tickets, with ability to add notes, files, and photos.

  3. Transparency

    Notify occupiers when their ticket is in progress and resolved.

  4. SLAs and reports

    Set priorities and SLAs, with full reporting.

Digital forms, permits and licences

Go paperless with digital forms shaped around your building processes. From permits to pet licences, digitise your building.

  1. Improve efficiency

    Wave goodbye to the days of emailing PDFs; digitise your forms and make them available on demand.

  2. Custom workflows

    Capture the data you need, shaped around your business workflow.

  3. You're in control

    Control who can access your forms.

  4. Powerful management

    Management platform including audit logs.

Customer insight polls

Track occupier sentiment and needs through regular polls across a portfolio, specific building, or targeted to specific companies and roles; futureproof your building and breathe soul into your community.

  1. Post polls

    Post polls across web, mobile apps, and email.

  2. Tailor and target

    Tailor your questions according to your respondents with targeted polls.

  3. Access live analytics

    Access live analytics on poll responses.

  4. Understand your occupiers

    Understand customer satisfaction, feedback on building management, community engagement and events.

Duty communication and notes

Improve transparency and service through digital duty notes, tracking activity through shifts.

  1. Shift notes

    Track shift notes and action items.

  2. Shift handovers

    Provide transparency at shift handover into activity and open actions.

  3. Improved service

    Shared visibility means your team won't drop the ball.

Document and building information

Provide access to content and documents on demand, centralising your building information and reducing customer service information requests.

  1. Home user guides

    Host home user guides, appliance manuals, instruction videos, and certificates.

  2. Videos, documents, and more

    Locale supports most file types, including formatted page content, PDFs, videos, and more.

  3. Personalised access

    Tailor access permissions, so that your occupiers only see what's relevant to them.

  4. Staff profiles

    Promote staff profiles with photos and contact information.


Seamlessly integrated with your backend systems and workflows.

  1. Plug and play

    We have a selection of plug and play integrations, including access control and sensors.

  2. Custom integrations

    We work in partnership to deliver cusotm integrations for your building.

Are you ready to digitise your property?