Work smarter with Locale

Efficient building management meets effective community engagement.

Locale gives you everything you need to deliver first-class tenant experiences,
all from the same easy-to-use interface.

For landlords

For Landlords

Attract high-value tenants by delivering the experiences they crave - tailored to their needs, built for your brand.
For managers

For Managers

Streamlined, centralised and automated processes help you create better experiences in record time.
For Occupiers

For Occupiers

Access building services and information on demand, and stay connected with your local community.
Accessible via web and app

Locale serves residential, commercial, and mixed-use schemes of varying complexity and scale, giving you complete portfolio-wide flexibility.

Accessible via web portal and mobile apps.

Bring your building to life

Locale is the key to smarter building management – letting you achieve more meaningful connections with your customers, more efficiently than before.

By weaving the latest digital technologies into your space and the way you manage it, Locale enhances your building experience at every level.

Locale’s market-leading digital technology is used by the UK’s most prestigious property owners and operators across commercial and residential landmarks.


Your portal, shaped around you.

Locale gives you the power to manage your building your way, putting people at the heart of the process. All while remaining secure, reliable and GDPR-compliant. Plus, you can control and configure every facet of your portal, from the branding to user roles and permissions.

But it’s much more than a software product. It’s the backbone to your operations and community. We continuously evolve our technology around your objectives, delivering innovations from our product roadmap to ensure that your digital capabilities are the best on the market.

All the tools you need

Across mobile apps and the web, Locale offers a rich selection of smart features and modules that can be tailored to fit the needs of your building.

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Keep customers informed of everything going on in your building, with personalised news feeds, notifications, and instant, targeted communications across web and mobile.
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Data & Analytics

Live reporting dashboards and data visualisation give you a clear picture of building performance, and how customers are using your space.
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Visitor Management

Deliver exceptional customer experiences every time, with the ability to track, manage and respond to visitor activity as it happens.
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Manage maintenance requests faster and more efficiently than ever, with advanced reporting, notifications and a transparent view of activity.
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All your paperwork, made digital. Use contactless, customisable forms for everything from work permits to pet licences.
Image 119


Streamline customer deliveries at every stage, with live collection alerts, automated collection reminders and contactless signatures.
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Key Management

Control building access from the palm of your hand using centralised, secure digital key management.
Image 121


Manage bookings for all of your amenties from one single screen – from spa days and exercise classes to loading bays and meeting rooms.
Image 122

Offers & Promotions

Delight customers with deals made exclusively for members of your building community, with optional support available from Locale Life.
Image 123

Document & Building Information

Control access permissions to ensure the right people have the right access to information, contacts and documents.
Image 124


Connect your occupiers and strengthen your building community through groups based on shared hobbies and interests.
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Two-factor Authentication

Ensure the utmost security and manage your building with added peace of mind, thanks to two-factor authentication.
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Promote what’s happening in your building, with all of your building’s activities and events visible from one place.
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Your Branding

Customise your portal and app to reflect the unique branding of your building. Your logos. Your colour schemes. Your choice.
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Local Travel

Get hyperlocal live feeds and travel information, with up-to-the-minute accuracy, direct to the Locale app.
Image 132

Duty Notes

Improve staff communication and cross-departmental transparency so you can know what’s happening on site at all times.
Image 133


Manage all correspondence for your building or even your entire portfolio from one easy-to-use interface.
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Get direct feedback from your occupiers via Polls, complete with live reporting and detailed response analysis

Seamless Integrations - Plug & Play or Custom

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