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Transform, Inform, Engage. Communicate with your occupiers through bespoke visual content.

Fostering an engaged community has never been more crucial across all property classes. Meaningful and bespoke branded visual communications is playing an increasing role in attracting and retaining high-value occupiers and residents today. Locale Look is a completely flexible and fully managed service, tailored to meet your occupiers’ and buildings’ needs. Whether you want to promote building facilities, events, or inform occupiers of building safety procedures, we create impactful and bespoke designs displayed via digital displays.

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Connect and engage your community

Whether you are looking to showcase your facilities, deliver a safety announcement, or promote a forthcoming event, Locale Look delivers visual content relevant to your space and audience.

Our dynamic digital content and imagery will engage customers, capture their interest, and give your building a palpable sense of place.

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A completely bespoke service

Our team of media experts design and create content which is unique to you and your aspirations. We work in close consultation with you to gain a complete understanding of your needs, before delivering a solution that is tailored to fit.

Using our considerable expertise in visual communications, we advise on optimising imagery and content, including the effective use of QR codes and other interactive solutions.

Focused on your requirements and localised to your community, Locale Look helps you to deliver messaging that creates cut-through and captures attention.

Flexible and versatile

Locale Look is a flexible service. So whether you have displays of your own or need them installed, we can deliver what is right for you.

Content Creation, Management and Hardware:

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We set up display units at your building, design and create your content, then manage delivery across your new channels.

Installation is quick and non-intrusive, and displays are available in a variety of formats ​​– from small screens to commercial-grade, free-standing units.

Content Creation and Management:

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If you already have displays* in place,
we can install our software onto them, before managing content delivery
for you.

*subject to compatibility


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If you have your own displays and delivery mechanism, we can focus purely on design and create content which is unique to you.

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