Connecting people with the spaces they share

One provider, three core services.

Introducing Locale Every building service in one app

By integrating communities and unifying processes, Locale creates better places for people to live and work. Access your community on the move via web portal or mobile apps.

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    Real-time targeted communications and alerts to keep everyone in the loop.

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    Visitor management

    Offer every visitor a smooth and seamless experience, from arrival through to check out.

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    Provide 24/7 support and access to important information, with live incident tracking and management.

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    Much more

    From key tracking and post room management to air quality and space utilisation data, operate more efficiently with Locale.

Locale Life Creating places where people want to be

Locale Life makes communities out of customers, plugging them into what’s around them and elevating their experience with you at every touchpoint.

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    Customer insights

    We develop an effective and personalised engagement strategy for your building, based on in-depth research and evidence-based understanding of your teams, customers, and surrounding community.

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    Exclusive offers and promotions

    We connect your building with local businesses and events to bring your customers exclusive offers and promotions through the Locale portal.

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    Events programming and management

    We provide on-hand support and consultation to help curate, plan and manage a rolling schedule of events, from workshops, to yoga classes, to pop-up dining experiences.

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    Ongoing experience refinement

    We offer ongoing partnership and guidance to help you deliver the ultimate customer experience, using data analysis and reporting to continually refine and improve your level of service.

Locale Look A fresh look for your building communications

Content and messaging that gets noticed – delivered via digital signage, and tailored to your building. Locale Look works to enliven your space and inspire those that use it.

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    Attract and retain occupiers

    Visual imagery captures attention. Powerful messages build communities. Locale Look provides both of these, helping to draw high-value occupiers into your space.

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    Quick and effortless communication

    Impactful content and messaging makes your building communications easy and efficient, while our fully managed service lets you focus your resources where they are needed.

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    Bespoke content made especially for you

    We work closely with you to ensure the content and imagery we create is compelling, aligned with your aspirations, and relevant to your building community – every single time.

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    Stay one step ahead

    Locale Look can be built around your hardware requirements, and continually tailored to fit changing business needs, allowing for a consistently unique and up-to-date experience.

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Connecting people with the spaces they share

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