Adoption of PropTech hinges on continuous training and development

7 June 2022


Karen Post

Karen McCarthy, director of customer experience at Locale, shares why training is essential within the PropTech journey, and to the success of its adoption.

No PropTech solution is static – it’s continuously evolving. With real estate operators under pressure to not only choose the right long-term solution, but successfully implement it to the DNA of their property and portfolios to deliver maximum value on both cost and time, successful implementation through meticulous onboarding and continuous training and development is the only way forward. Moreover, training equips staff and occupiers with the knowledge and tools they need to maximise the tech resources at their disposal, maintaining staff and occupier happiness and retention. According to go2HR as many as 40% of workers leave their jobs within the first year because of poor training.


Step one: e-learning

It’s time to replace long and arduous training manuals and crib sheets and, instead, shift towards eLearning platforms that acts as a one-stop-shop for occupiers to self-access and educate at a desired pace. With 90% of corporations now use e-learning on a regular basis, video training is a growing frontier of learning, education, and training. Yet surprisingly, its value as an onboarding tool has escaped PropTech players, except Locale that is. We are proud to provide The Locale Academy, an innovative approach to onboarding that uses the engaging approach of microlearning. As the ultimate training hub, it’s a key part of the onboarding journey, offering micro video tutorials that covers the plethora of Locale’s functionality such as facilities, content management, duty handover, key management, deliveries, helpdesk and much more. Accessible 24/7, the Locale Academy gives the user 100% flexibility to learn at their own speed and easily navigate to the videos that will help them quickly get the most out of their system. 


Step two: human support

Whilst the value of video learning is unquestionable, it’s simply not enough by itself to ensure success. For customers to fully unlock user engagement, a dedicated team to help customers onboard the technology and ensure all stakeholders understand its benefits in greater detail, is essential. Without the prompt and consistent encouragement from support teams, customers can stall in their onboarding journey.


Step three: setting long-term objectives
Establishing a connection with customers will be crucial in their ongoing training and solidifying a positive relationship. With the introduction of our Customer Success team, we combine our online training hub with human, one-to-one care, further assisting customer onboarding, and setting objectives and timelines for customers to keep them accountable to their own success and learning.


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