Five myths of smart access control

15 November 2023

Access control is having the ability to determine who can enter your building and having the visibility to track, change and grant this permission. Finding the best way to improve your access control can be challenging because there are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the solutions available.

In this article, we will cut through the noise and break down five myths of smart access control so you can have the tools to implement time-saving solutions, bring greater efficiency to your building operations and foster vibrant, connected communities.


Myth 1: Smart access control is expensive

It doesn’t have to be. As our CEO and founder, Guy Windsor-Lewis, said: “No building or community should be left behind when it comes to technology and therefore some of the common excuses such as cost, knowledge and accessibility should not be a barrier to tech adoption. With the real estate sector steadily taking more and more notice of the tech sector and recognising the value it can bring, not just to businesses but also occupiers, we have an opportunity to ensure that there is equity across any real estate asset, futureproofing our communities.”

Locale does not charge by square footage which means tech can be adopted without costing the earth. Read more about tech equity in our report:


Myth 2: Access control technology is intrusive

Some hardware options will be more appropriate for some buildings than others. For example, speed lanes are great ways to efficiently log who is entering and exiting your building, but only if you have the space for them. As Locale is an access control enabler, it can bolt onto your existing hardware so it’s not invasive. Plus, it removes the need for physical fobs and visitor passes because all the information can be processed through the Locale platform and app. Deactivation of entry can be done remotely so there’s no need to rush from site to site to ensure your building’s security. AdobeStock_570920233

Myth 3: The software isn’t futureproof

The world of technology is constantly evolving so it’s reasonable to question if the technology you implement will keep up with the times while not being so advanced that it’s difficult to use. Locale’s consultative approach means that you will be provided with a solution that works for your building or portfolio from the start. Our Success team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of the platform and teaching you how to maximise each module. Plus, our Product & Development team is always listening to feedback on how to improve the platform to better meet client needs. One size most definitely does not fit all.


Myth 4: The technology is difficult to use

When thinking about access control, or tech adoption in general, it is important to think about who will be using it the most. At Locale, people are put first when it comes to usability.

For building teams and front-of-house staff, our Engagement and Success team’s onboarding process is designed to give the appropriate training to those who will use Locale. Regular reviews are conducted to check that the platform and app are working to address the challenges originally outlined. Additionally, User Interface and User Experience are a key part of the work carried out by the Product & Development team. With ongoing updates and improvements, the Locale platform and app are constantly improving so occupiers can have multiple, easy-to-use touchpoints with your building.


Myth 5: It will replace staff

While smart access control does use automation and enables some tasks to be done remotely, the purpose of this technology is to give front-of-house staff and building teams, in general, more information and more accurate data and analytics to increase productivity and efficiency in day-to-day operations. According to our PropTech Perspectives Report, occupier facing processes can save over 100 hours per week in staff time which means they do not need to be fixed to the front desk and will have more time to helping occupiers, fixing maintenance issues or engaging with the community.


Overall, smart access control is designed to put everyone from building managers to front-of-house teams in control. Greater visibility of building activity will also be achieved by having real-time data available altogether in one seamless platform. Smart access control does not need to be complicated and by taking the time to learn how to weave it into day-to-day operations, you can get on with doing the important work of creating a wonderful occupier experience.

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