1 Nine Elms continues long-term partnership with Locale

1 Nine Elms

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Nine Elms, London

Square Footage:

730,000 sq ft

Locale services:

Operational real estate 

The Challenge

To provide a centralised platform for staff to manage all important information and to maximise the use of the current facilities. Plus, by continuing the long-term partnership, we needed to ensure the Locale platform was continuously being optimised for the building and its occupiers. 


The Solution

To optimise operations, we introduced the parcels and deliveries module to organise the post room and implemented the key management module to give greater visibility on building footfall. Additionally, we suggested the document and building information module would be best for storing important manuals and guides for occupiers. To improve occupier communication, the announcement module was also chosen to better inform occupiers of building activities. 


The Success

Alongside continuing the collaboration which started in 2018, the 1 Nine Elms team benefitted from greater operational efficiencies in its post room by removing manual processes and could access, monitor and report on its number and frequency of visitors throughout the building. By opening up its communication methods, occupiers now receive real-time updates and more easily access home user guides, fire risk assessments and more for their own information.