88 Leadenhall Street revamps occupier experiences with Locale




City of London

Square Footage:

100,000 sq ft

Locale services:

Operational real estate 

The Challenge

To streamline building operations, increase direct occupier communication and ultimately enhance the occupier experience.


The Solution

By replacing existing solutions and using Locale's platform, all information and processes could be hosted in a single, centralised place. We also incorporated community groups and occupier surveys to better understand the changing needs of the occupiers in real time. 


The Success

By using one platform, this took out the laborious administrative processes, such as visitor management and logging building maintenance work, and and saved the team more time to dedicate towards supporting its occupiers. 

With real-time insights, the 88 Leadenhall Street team could make data-driven decisions and be able to more accurately measure the effectiveness of any changes, plus monitor the satisfaction rates of their occupiers.