Manchester's City Tower chooses Locale to enable green lifestyles

City Tower

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Square Footage:

225,000 sq ft

Locale services:

Operational real estate 

The Challenge

To streamline building operations for the building teams and to offer occupiers easy, accessible ways to make greener lifestyle choices, such as reserving bikes and e-bike charging points. With every change, it needed to improve the overall occupier experience. 


The Solution

We introduced our platform to provide a central point for all users to access building information, and a suite of Locale solutions, including:

  • Facilities booking module, for occupiers to reserve one of 130 bikes and lockers
  • Digital forms, permits and licenses module, for reporting issues such as lost property
  • Visitor management module, for greater visibility on who was accessing the building
  • Offers and promotions module, for engaging with the local community
  • Announcements module, for communicating about local activities

The Success

Overall, the team at City Tower has been able to maximise its amenities and given occupiers the choice to make greener commutes and lifestyle changes. Alongside seeing great improvements in how its operations are run, people both inside and outside the building have become a connected community and regularly use our open methods of communication to stay informed of city activities.