Be prepared: are you compliant with the Building Safety Act 2022?

28 April 2023

A year ago today, the Building Safety Act 2022 gained Royal Assent – intended to improve the safety of high-rise buildings in the UK following the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017. Find out from Rob Maxwell, Director, Locale, on the importance of creating a digital golden thread to be compliant with the new legislation. 

Golden Thread blog - Rob

One of the key elements of the Act is the ‘golden thread’ of information, which aims to ensure that important information about a building’s design, construction, and maintenance is available throughout its lifecycle.

The Building Safety Act requires that building owners and managers maintain an up-to-date digital record of the golden thread information for their buildings. The aim is to make this information easily accessible to those who need it, such as emergency services, tenants, and building managers; key documents include fire safety plans, building specifications, and maintenance records. The Act also requires that the golden thread information be reviewed and updated regularly, to ensure it remains accurate and relevant.

Implementing the golden thread legislation will require a significant shift in the way buildings are designed, constructed, and managed. However, it is essential for improving building safety and reducing the risk of incidents like the Grenfell Tower fire. By ensuring that essential information is readily available, building owners and managers can take proactive steps to mitigate risks and respond quickly to emergencies.

The Act also introduces new roles and responsibilities in the building safety process. For example, a building safety manager will be appointed for each high-rise residential building, responsible for ensuring that safety systems are in place and maintained properly. A building safety regulator will also be established to oversee the safety of high-rise residential buildings, providing guidance to building owners and enforcing compliance with safety requirements.

Overall, the introduction of the golden thread legislation is a positive step towards improving building safety in the UK. By creating a clear chain of information and introducing new roles and responsibilities, the Act ensures that the safety of residents and responders is prioritised throughout the lifecycle of a building. While implementing the legislation will be a significant undertaking, it is crucial for ensuring that incidents like the Grenfell Tower fire do not happen again.

As we approach the deadline for the implementation of the new digital record keeping requirements, it is crucial that action is taken now and ensure a detailed digital record is up and running. Failure to comply with the regulations by October 2023 could result in significant financial penalties.

Now is the time for property companies to invest in their digital infrastructure, ensuring they have the systems and processes necessary to meet the new requirements. At Locale, our state-of-the-art digital document storage solution is perfectly placed to support those in need of the digital golden thread. Our understanding of real estate combined with a deep understanding technology and the legislation, we can have you up and running in weeks. There is no place for hesitation when it comes to occupier and resident safety – ensure it’s in place today. 

For more information on the Building Safety Act and how we work with you to implement the digital golden thread, you can download our latest playbook here

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