Locale Group expands residential portfolio by 500,000 sq ft in H1 2022

1 August 2022


Locale Group, UK’s leading provider of digital solutions in real estate, has revealed in its H1 2022 PropTech Perspectives Report that it amassed 500,000 sq ft of residential real estate in the first six months of 2022.

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With residential real estate managers recognising the need for technology to cultivate closer communities, over 20 buildings across the UK have deployed a combination of the three core Locale services tailored around the needs of building teams and their occupiers.

Over the six-month period, over 8,000 users have already registered to the portal alone. The deliveries and key management modules continue to be heavily used – with almost 100,000 deliveries logged through the portal and key management usage soaring by 163%.

Currently, the Locale Group delivers digital solutions to across 80m sq ft of commercial, residential and mixed-use real estate; residential real estate makes up 30% of its portfolio.

Guy Windsor-Lewis, Chief Executive and founder of Locale Group, commented: “Despite the challenging socio-economic headwinds in the aftermath of the pandemic, discerning residential property managers and developers have been quick to recognise the need for digitisation. Centralising property management and combining this with enhanced occupier engagement and bespoke visual communications via our Locale Look offering, is ensuring residents feel listened to, informed and happy. It also ensures building managers and front-of-house teams can focus on delivering a first-rate customer experience, ditching the inefficiencies of old currently plaguing the industry stemming from outdated and disjointed operations.”

Download the H1 2022 PropTech Perspectives Report here



Rishi Banerjee, Group Communications Director, The Locale Group
rishi@locale.co.uk / +44 (0) 1865 249 758

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