Digbeth creates community with Locale


Digbeth (1)

Managing Agent:
Oval Asset Management


Portfolio Type:

Square Footage:
3.7 million

“For an estate with a number of multi-occupancy buildings, communication has been a challenge. We needed a system that would separate the different needs of the occupiers such as permit requests, maintenance issues, and room bookings whilst remaining streamlined. The Locale app has given us the ability to communicate with our occupiers and the Digbeth community far more efficiently and effectively. Locale’s plethora of smart features has meant that it’s become a one-stop-shop for our staff and occupiers to access when needing to communicate with each other. If someone has an issue with the unit or a broken door, they can use Helpdesk to report any issue. If they need to organise a visitor, they can use the Visitor Management Module. If they need a meeting room or want to run an event, they can use the Booking module. All of these operations are achieved through the App. This has greatly improved our operations and strengthened Digbeth as a community as it’s a platform that everyone can access.”

Jo Salmon, Head of Estates at Oval Real Estate


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