Portland House strengthens occupier communication with Locale

  • Site: Portland House
  • Portfolio Type: Commercial
  • Square Footage: 60,000 sq ft

1 The Challenge

A refurbished Grade-A office space, Portland House was ready to be filled with occupiers to use the new facilities and amenities. To reach the right people and agents, the Portland House team needed an effective way to communicate with potential occupiers and maintain that relationship once the space was being used. Plus, it wanted to build a true sense of community after occupiers were familiar with using its office space.

2 The Solution

Portland House chose to implement Locale’s bespoke content streaming service using a three-step approach.

First, our in-house design team worked to create content that reflected Portland House’s identity and target interested parties that wanted to occupy the space.

Next, the content was adapted to inform occupiers of the benefits of the Locale platform, local activities in the Newcastle area, how to make greener choices and more.

Lastly, once the refurbished space was filled with occupiers, the content evolved again to showcase competitions run on the Locale platform and even support for occupiers fundraising for the Great North Run.

3 The Success

Portland House has chosen Locale as its long-term partner to improve and maintain its occupier-facing communications.

With Locale’s solution, the newly refurbished space was able to find suitable occupiers to make the most of its sustainably built amenities. It has also been successful in creating a sense of place and renewed its communal spirit in the Newcastle area.