Urban Partners and Locale connect contrasting communities in King’s Cross, Euston and St Pancras.

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urban partners


King's Cross, Euston and St Pancras, London

Locale services:

Connecting communities: destination marketing, social impact programmes

The Challenge

Urban Partners, the business partnership for King’s Cross, Euston and St Pancras, needed to bridge the gap between the local community and neighbouring business community, and encourage everyone to thrive in the places they learn, work, live and play in.


The Solution

To execute our vision, we worked delivered against three core objectives: 

  1. Benefitting Employees: Unifying member businesses to drive community engagement.
  2. Engaging the Next Generation: providing education and employment for partner schools.
  3. Representing Businesses: implementing social impact projects for the local community.

We developed a programme of work to create a self-sustaining neighbourhood where businesses and people supported each other.


The Success

We have seen a range of successful initiatives, including:

  • A Homework Club, originally created by Eurostar staff supporting students’ French studies in a shared office space, evolved into the Urban Partners Youth Engagement Programme, and the Urban Partners Work Experience Week was founded.
  • Developing a low-pollution Wellbeing Walk for the public to have greener commutes.
  • Provided the Secretariat for the Homelessness Alliance with two rounds of £75,000 grants awarded by the Camden Community Impacts Fund supporting local homeless people and rough sleepers.